Connecting the Dots: Unleashing the Potential of Connections in Building Businesses

Published 6th June 2023


In the realm of business and entrepreneurship, where uncertainty and ambiguity are commonplace, taking action and creating connections become catalysts for growth. By embracing unanticipated opportunities, entrepreneurs who proactively engage with the ecosystem start creating dots that contribute to the larger picture. These dots represent encounters with potential partners, customers, investors, and mentors, each adding valuable insights and opportunities to the journey.

In Farosson, the pioneer team takes on the role of an entrepreneur – ideating, planning, synthesizing, executing and the list goes on. We place emphasis on cultivating the values of boldness, adaptability, and agility which encourage the team to constantly explore various opportunities which lead to their desired destination. By actively seeking out connections and engaging with diverse individuals, we gather valuable information, perspectives, and market insights. Each dot contributes to the formation of a comprehensive picture, which then enables the refinement of business ideas, identification of gaps in the market, and development of innovative solutions. Through these connections, the end picture gradually comes into focus, providing guidance and direction along the team’s entrepreneurial journey.


The power of Yet

“The power of Yet” is a concept introduced by Dr Carol Dweck in the book “Mindset”, which emphasises the belief in the potential for growth and improvement of abilities through effort and persistence. Challenges and setbacks are inevitable in the dynamic landscape of business. However, by cultivating resilience and adaptability, entrepreneurs can navigate through obstacles while continuing to create dots. Each setback then turns into an opportunity to learn, pivot, and discover alternative paths towards their goals, inadvertently becoming the perfect incubator for creative thinking. Having an overarching desire to continuously learn will shift entrepreneurs’ perspectives towards uncertainty and ignite the spark within to persist through various efforts. By embracing the mindset that failure is part of the process, entrepreneurs remain open to unforeseen opportunities and adjust their strategies as needed. This flexibility enables them to connect the dots in new and innovative ways, ultimately reaching their desired destination.


Action inspires motivation

While planning is essential, a sole reliance on it can lead to analysis paralysis, which hinders progress and stifles innovation. This ties in with the “Planned Happenstance Theory”, a career theory developed by Professor John D. Krumboltz at Stanford University which narrates that unplanned encounters and events often play a pivotal role in career and entrepreneurial success. By actively creating dots and embracing serendipitous moments, entrepreneurs position themselves to encounter valuable opportunities that can propel their businesses forward. The more dots they create, the higher the likelihood of stumbling upon game-changing connections, collaborations, or breakthrough insights. It goes without saying that not all dots will work together to form the final picture, but that is where the beauty of it lies – a different permutation of dots may come together to form another unexpected work of art.

I am proud to say that the Farosson team has been working tirelessly to expand the company’s network. This is rooted from the understanding that collaboration and partnership form the backbone of successful business-building, and is executed by the team’s active participation in industry events, conferences, and entrepreneurial communities. Collaborating with like-minded individuals and complementary businesses creates a synergy that fosters growth and unlocks new avenues for success. By inculcating longstanding relationships and leveraging on the power of network, Farosson is continuously amplifying our capacity to grow and create more value together with our business partners.

Farosson is the newest business division under Yinson – an advisory, investment and asset management group with a niche in sustainable infrastructure investments. With the goal of making the world a better place, we are focused on directing capital to sustainable and transitional infrastructure projects – this will contribute to global energy security, a robust economy, and a sustainable environment, trickling down to create positive impacts for communities and industries we serve. Join us as partners as we venture forward in painting a vibrant picture with the dots we create together.

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